Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Review for Brother Lucius....

What I find most satisfying about this entire process of creating characters and stories that never existed before is the fact that I know what's coming and the readers don't. I get a huge kick out of trying my damnedest every issue to incorporate something that makes the reader slowly utter the word...."wow." In addition to this, I also like the conversation my book is already stimulating amongst readers and reviewers. As I have said before in this blog and will undoubtedly say so again...I believe all creative works should spur us into some form of dialogue. This is a review from another independent critic and I remember my interaction with him quite vividly when he came to my table at Chicago Comic-Con just a few short weeks ago. Apparently he was fond of Luke Cage just as I was back in the day and he sensed the spiritual connection between my character and the Marvel Comics Icon immediately. He asked a lot of detailed questions before buying the book, but eventually his curiosity and hopefully hunger for new characters/new mythologies pulled him in and he made the purchase. Here is what he thought of my first effort : I just can't wait to put issue two in this guy's hands, or in the mitts of the other reviewer for that matter. Because they seriously have no idea where I'm headed with this story. And I am fairly certain that they both will be pleasantly surprised. And at the end of the day...that's why I do this.


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