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Since the inception of Ravenhammer Comics...two creations have been front and center for both myself and my co-creator Christian Colbert. One of them is obviously Lucius Hammer. The other one is a horror action title called Raven's Hollow and we are pretty certain that it's completely different than anything you have ever read. Here are some notes I created during the very early creative process of Raven's Hollow and some artwork. All of the concepts and ideas here are copyrighted and property of Ravenhammer Comics. Raven’s Hollow was a northern Ohio town that was known for being a vital checkpoint in the labyrinthine network of the Underground Railroad. In 1860, a violent faction of abolitionists engaged in a fiery conflagration with slave catchers in the heart of this rustic river town. The battle in the town would have been legendary but the current administration at the time (Lincoln and Co.) sent the military and special agents to put down the insurrection and smooth out the ripples this controversial struggle may cause. Basically they covered up the incident. The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 had been violated more times than could be counted in this settlement. The slave catchers that came to Raven’s Hollow this particular time brought with them unconventional means of winning back their human chattel and destroying this major hub of the Underground Railroad. Unfortunately for those southern mercenaries, the natives of Raven’s Hollow had their own unconventional weapon that made their town special and damn near immune to violent raids and attacks. American Mythology comes into play here. My idea is, America is a pastiche of many different cultures that have brought along with them the varied legends and folklores birthed in their motherlands. What if during a power struggle for domination of a new country, the quest for freedom and forming a new government there was a mystical battle between the different cultures. A war that brought about new myths and legends, an American Mythology that was a potpourri of those commingled immigrants. The Europeans would be responsible for incorporating elements of Celtic/Teutonic Witchcraft…Freemasonry, Druids, Wiccans…etc,etc. The Africans have contributed the awesome and mysterious religion of Vodun and have basically used its magical properties to insulate them against the oppression of the slave catchers and the plantation system. The Native Americans are also involved in this struggle; the strange forces that they have set in motion are referred to as the Ghost Dance and have become a national phenomenon. So in essence we have a full scale war, a secret war, a magic war. This mystical battle comes to a head in the little town of Raven’s Hollow. Abraham Lincoln, easily our most controversial, creepy and spiritual president ever has commissioned a new department of agents nicknamed The Clergy. They are responsible for the investigation of all things paranormal that may represent a threat to the Union. This is a special concern of his, and the town of Raven’s Hollow is a hot topic in the Oval office. . Raven’s Hollow was determined to be a power spot by The Clergy. A power spot is a supernaturally charged tract of land or geography that causes interdimensional rifts and anomalous abilities in the inhabitants of that general area. After the Magic War came the Civil War and then the US government usurped the town of Raven’s Hollow for 5 years…conducting tests and examining past residents of the area. Mysteriously after the death of President Lincoln, every member of the Clergy disappeared and the closely guarded operation concerning Raven’s Hollow was eliminated. People were free to settle their once again and Lincoln’s program was regarded as self indulgent and esoteric. For more information about Raven's Hollow, stay tuned to this blog and our



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