Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Setbacks in Lucius Hammerville...

Last week I campaigned furiously to spread the word about the Lucius Hammer First Issue Release Party. I told everyone. My family, my friends, clients even the horde of facebook friends that see my every move in cyberspace. Things looked even better after I got in touch with an old friend who agreed to be the MC of the event. But the funny thing about setting out on this type of artistic endeavor is that the forces of failure are constantly in pursuit of you. Failure's fetid breath is always present whether in the form of an inexplicable stroke of bad luck or a sudden glitch that destroys the best laid plans. Well...if you've already guessed what I'm trying to say...I'll just come out and say it. The First Issue Release Party on September 11 is cancelled. Not because there won't be a book but because the time frame to get the book finished was too tight for my collaborator, Christian Colbert, to get the book done and really put his best work into it. Perhaps I was a bit too ambitious. After producing the rough cut back in late July, I began engineering this huge party that would serve as the jumping off point for what I consider to be a groundbreaking comic book. But I didn't stop to consider that my artist...my co-creator, puts a lot of work into the pages. Christian not only draws the images you see but he inks them, colors them and then he even makes the book look better with his super slick design sense. This book we're creating is the real thing. This ain't no fly by night operation. In my haste to introduce Lucius Hammer to the world, maybe I got a little ahead of myself. Of course we could have pressed on with September 11 shindig and sold more of the previously solicited rough cuts...but I'm in this thing to entertain people and make an honest dollar doing so. If I don't put my best foot forward every time I try and sell somebody on Lucius Hammer, I am asking to fail and that simply is not going to happen. So as I stuff a nice fat piece of humble pie into my mouth...I will admit that I made much ado about nothing last week. But it's only because I'm dedicated to this character, this story and the crew that's helping me produce the book. By the way, we still intend to have the first issue release party but that date is undetermined as of now. I'll keep you posted. Peace in the Middle East.



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