Thursday, January 5, 2012


And now...the news you all have been waiting for....Lucius Hammer's artist, Christian Colbert, has left the building. The reason for his departure is probably something you all will want to know about. I would also want to know if I were the fan of a potentially blockbuster indie comic...why the main illustrator would vacate his position as co-creator? Unfortunately due to the fact that I am a man of my word, I promised that I would not reveal the details of this split and so...the content of this blog will not be what some of you may think it might be considering the circumstances. Ravenhammer Comics will continue. Lucius Hammer will forge ahead in 2012, and the "lost issues" of 2011 will most likely appear for the first time this year at ECBACC in Philadelphia. This will include the Harlem Shadow and a new series of trading cards. It goes without saying that as an artist myself, I am very disappointed in the turn of events, but in the midst of seeming failure...I cannot relent or give up at this point. I have been accused a few times of being arrogant about my talents and my creations. It has been suggested here and there that I have been insensitive in situations where I tried to take the high road and was pushed to show my "not so nice" side.What you have to understand is that to create a character and a universe from the ground up is daunting work. If one is so bold to undertake such an endeavor in the first place then I think it is a forgone conclusion that this individual has confidence in what he's doing (I'm speaking about myself of course) and he damn well better because we know what happens when you don't believe. I think it goes without saying that as a writer in this business, you automatically start out with a handicap by not being able to fully delineate your wonderful ideas because you can't draw. In order to make your dream happen, you engage in the pride swallowing siege that is hiring an artist, I also imagine the reverse could happen for an artist needing a writer's services. All of these ingredients put together sometimes wind up creating a tense battle of the egos, wills and integrity. But what's important for me to communicate here in this blog to all people in the industry, this independent game and just casual observers that I will indeed finish what I started. Without the original artist. At seems like a hard pill to swallow. But not only am I dedicated to bringing you a fully illustrated graphic novel concerning the exploits of Lucius Hammer, but I also intend to do the same for the Harlem Shadow and we are  creating some new products that are going to really satisfy your hankering for Lucius Hammer. I have been looking for the right artist to take up the mantle, and to be honest...I have not yet found a worthy replacement. Whatever my differences were with Christian Colbert, I certainly had no complaints about his art. The boy can draw and I wish him nothing but the best in whatever it is he's shooting for. But Lucius Hammer, The Harlem Shadow and the rest of the universe we were starting to build is bigger than both of us...and thus it's taken on a life of its own. At this moment, we are preparing a new website for Ravenhammer Comics that we hope to deliver to you in the next month or so. I am writing a digital pulp novel for the kindle and the nook based on the Harlem Shadow and that should be ready by May. For the DIE-HARD Hammerheads who have to have issue 2 of Lucius Hammer or The Harlem Shadow now...go to and download those puppies on your nice little e-device that you got for X-mas...everybody else stay tuned for announcements regarding the new artist and the incredible content we are going to deliver to you in 2012. RAVENHAMMER LIVES!!!!!!

Brian Williams
Head Writer/ Co-Owner of Ravenhammer Comics
January 5, 2012


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