Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Issue Release Party Highlights

The party went down better than anticipated. Lucius Hammer got the proper launch he deserves and folks had fun! The new book or the colored version is stupendous! Between my man Travis Reitman's super tight and slick inks and then Christian's adept skills at photoshop you get almost a 3D trip into Lucius' world! There are still some things that Christian, as my artist, omitted from the script because of the tight deadline that I am uncomfortable with. I had written an entire 2 pg sequence that would have shown Lucius' super powered exploits as a child in rustic Possum Bend, but due to time and my artist's regular job, this was scrapped. There was also a very important scene that rebuilds the history of the black superhero by introducing the different characters from The Harlem Knights, a distinguished group of colored capes from the thirties and forties. This too was tossed on the cutting room floor by my artist, once again in the interest of time. It might sound like I'm throwing my partner under the bus, but I'm not. I'm just sharing with you readers the depth of the world I'm creating so that when someone else comes along who has the time to draw these different things I've described, you will know that I wrote it first we just didn't have the time to include it. Now I understand why George Lucas remakes his Star Wars movies like every ten years. Getting back to the wonderful evening that was October 24 th 2009, Everett Cork was the MC of the event and to a captivated audience of about seventy people, he asked basic questions about Lucius Hammer and introduced myself and Christian to the public at large. Let me not forget to mention the fortuitous placement of myself on a local radio station morning show, WLW with Jim Scott, who also interviewed me the day before the book signing and that was arranged at the last minute by a new friend of Ravenhammer Comics named Shelly Conley. The Old Saloon is a comfy little watering hole that my friends and I have frequented for the last three or four years but you would have thought it was the location of a friggin Hollywood premiere; I had two seven foot with the Lucius Hammer comic book cover and the other one with our badass Ravenhammer logo. I could tell from the looks on the faces of everyone in the crowd that they were sufficiently blown away with this spectacle. At one point my grandmother comes walking into the bar with a fur coat on and a hush fell over the crowd, that's when I started to feel like a serious rock star. The Old Saloon specializes in beer, liquor, and bar food. It's not a 5 star dining experience but they serve these delicious grilled wings, five dollar pizzas, and a sandwich called the Lefty's Special( ham on top of a steak hoagie, mmm good!)'s safe to say everybody ate and drank well. We sold a healthy amount of comic books and everybody seemed to be crazy about Lucius. We also debuted the official Lucius Hammer soundtrack composed by Tony Kelsey and Jeff Popplewell. The first track to this sonic tribute to Lucius is a lush rhythm and blues anthem evoking the seventies while simutaneously capturing the modern thrust of our main character's present story arc. The night of friends, family,and fans came to an end at about 3am...we were kindly told that we didn't have to go home but we had to get the hell up out of there. All in all I am a proud father, Lucius Hammer is a strong, masculine child who has tremendous potential, but like with any responsible parent it is up to me to make the right decisions about his future so he grows up to be a productive intellectual property. Stay tuned, my next post will be more of an exercise in prose writing concerning the secret life of black superheroes.
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